Germany DVB-T2 migration led to a significant increase in sales of set-top boxes

Consumer Electronics Industry Association GFU's latest data show that the German digital terrestrial TV from DVB-T to DVB-T2 standard migration, greatly promoted the first half of this year, sales growth in buy set top box.
The first two quarters of this year, set-top box sales increased by 255%, jumped to 349 million euros, and its sales also increased by 172% to 3.4 million.
At the same time, TV sales rose 3.4% to 3.4 million, while its sales also increased by 3.1%.
In addition to the DVB-T to DVB-T2 standard conversion, the closure of the three federated state analog cable transmission also contributed to the sales of set-top boxes and televisions.
Overall, the first half of this year, Germany's consumer electronics market value increased by 2.4% to 12.5 billion euros.
In addition to the above equipment, the rest of the consumer electronics products in the first half of this year's performance mixed. Game console sales increased 43.6%, sales growth of 53.7%, while audio and video accessories sales growth of 21.2%. Smartphone sales rose 3.9%, while sales fell 3.4%. Wearable equipment sales increased 32.9%, sales growth of 19.6%.
Digital camera sales rose 4%, but sales fell 16%.
Personal computer sales showed a significant decline, a decrease of 10%.